Based on our basic principles „handmade“ and „made in Germany“ we have designed the amplifiers BRAX Matrix X2 and Matrix X4 according to the latest technical knowledge. The result is both a top-class amplifier and a true high-end statement: A long lasting period of research and development, innovative technologies and an extremely fastidious manufacturing combined with the love for music as the driving force for our work make the BRAX Matrix X2 and Matrix X4 doubtlessly the world’s most powerful and best sounding amplifiers. Concerning the straight design of the amplifiers and the sophisticated layout of the circuit board, we have deliberately set crossovers and filter functions aside. Short signal paths combined with selected components „made in Germany“ ensure pristine listening pleasure and underline the puristical high-end philosophy of the amplifiers. At the end of the day the BRAX Matrix X2 and Matrix X4 can be described as amplifiers with a sound rendition that is highly dynamic, powerful in an awesome way and swift as an arrow. Furthermore, each single amplifier is manufactured individually and its respective serial number is recorded in our database. In this way, each amplifier is a valuable individual item that rightly deserves the title „high-end made in Germany“.