The ideal cable harness that dramatically simplifies the connection of additional devices to factory car radios. Whether our MATCH amplifiers MA 40FX and MA 10FX or the signal processor P-DSP - with the Easy Plug Cable these devices are supplied with the four-channel highlevel signal (speaker signal) and some of our products even with the power of the factory radio. An added benefit: It is not even a remote signal required for turning on the devices. It could not be easier! Can be used for the following devices: MATCH MA 40FX, MA 10FX, HELIX P-DSP, B ONE, B TWO, B FOUR, B FIVE, B 8DSP, B 12DSP For car radios without ISO connectors an additional ISO-adaptor (PP-AC cable harness) is needed, which has to be connected between the ISO cable harness (PP-ISO) and the car radios. The needed ISO-adaptor can easily be found in our adaptor database.