With a rated wave impedance of 110 Ohm the XS version accommodates enlarged 2 x 0.70 mm² (19 x 0.20 mm) twisted multi-stranded BRC conductors with the same 2-layer CAFPE and SASDB upgrades. X-Shield (Patent RU No.124837U) is a 3-layer interactive sandwich, where a >50% BRC braid is enclosed by two layers of copper foiled PET. It serves as efficient EMI protection across a wide frequency range - from ELF to SHF and improves overall mechanical and damping properties. The double jacket made of modified antistatic SPVC is colored with a refined formula of organic dye. This is available in standard terminated lengths covered by a nylon protective sleeve and fitted with the all new precision-made Classic V2 RCA & XLR plugs with the pins made of high grade 10 µ gold plated beryllium copper for analogue and digital (AES/EBU) audio