Our USB digital signal transmission cable conforms to the Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0. It accommodates signal and power twisted pairs of multi-stranded BRC conductors 2 x 0,34 mm² (7 х 0,25 mm) individually insulated with 2-layer CAFPE. Each conductor pair is shielded by copper foiled PET with integral multi-stranded BRC drain wire. The extremely high EMI immunity is achieved by an external common shield of >80% BRC braid. The double shielding dramatically reduces the electromagnetic radiation of the cable especially at high transmission rates and decreases the external EM field influence over the digital signal data flow. Individual shielding of signal and power conductor pairs excludes their possible interference eliminating transmission errors caused by them and providing noise free power for external USB devices. Improved antistatic SPVC, used for the jacket, ensures protection from vibration and acoustic noise. The new CLASSIC USB A-B IC allows the full utilization of all USB Audio 2.0 specification capabilities including the transmission of a multichannel high resolution digital audio data flow. It is available in standard terminated lengths covered by a nylon protective sleeve and fitted with the USB A-B connectors with shielded metal enclosures and the pins made of high grade gold plated beryllium copper.