With a 110 Ohm rated impedance the Ultimate IC perfectly suits all kinds of analogue and digital audio signal transmission with supreme definition. It performs with stunning authority and unparalleled accuracy. The Cable-Core (Patent RU No.124834U) accommodates 2 x 1.00 mm² (19 x 0.26 mm) multi-stranded BRC conductors, twisted symmetrically with 2 filling cotton cords and tightened together with SASDB by means of FTDA technology. SATI, a 5-layer bi-directional X-Cross porous PTFE (Teflon®) tape is employed for individual conductor insulation. X-Shield SE (Patent RU No.124835U) is a 4-layer interactive sandwich, where >60% BRC braid is enclosed by two layers of heavy 50 µ rolled BRC foil, with an additional outer layer made of >85% silver tinsel braid. Jacketed with Elastollan®, it is available in standard terminated lengths, covered by a nylon protective sleeve and fitted with the new top-of-the-line Ultimate RCA & XLR plugs for analogue and digital (AES/EBU) audio.