Designed for various high current 12-24V DC power applications, it is available in 3 gauges with large-scale BRC conductors in a complex weaved strand arrangement: 2 AWG (35.00 mm²), 4 AWG (21.50 mm²) and 8 AWG (8.50 mm²); insulated by 2-layer high-performance Elastollan®. Developed exclusively by BASF, this elastomer excels all TPU’s by increased elastic memory and hydrolytic stability that go beyond those of competitors. Stable power supply without any limitations and losses is vital for any High End Car Audio installation. As a result, DC power cables affect the final performance of the set-up created. We are confident that no other DC power cable regardless of price can rival the SPECIAL DC POWER in terms of enormous energy, dynamics and efficient resistance to aggressive environments. It is available on spools, in black & red colours.