Developed to provide the very best RG6 installation possible, the RF 75 IC is a coaxial antenna cable with a 75 Ohm rated impedance. It is capable of more than 4GHz signal bandwidth with less than 0.1dB/m losses at 1GHz, and is therefore suitable to transmit the satellite and cable TV signals at extreme lengths up to hundreds of meters without any significant attenuation. Large-scale solid 1.00 mm² BRC conductor, insulated by a 3-layer CAFPE, double shield with copper foiled PET as inner layer and >90% BRC braid as an outer layer, jacket made of Elastollan®, ensures an outstandingly wide bandwidth, small and stable signal dispersion, normalized time delay, minimal losses and excellent mechanical and climate durability. The performance that results has incredible clarity and depth, detailed natural colour gamut and exceptional white balance reproduction can be easily detected every time you switch on your TV. The unique properties of the RF 75 IC make it suitable not only for home AV entertainment but for professional applications and scientific equipment as well.