Puristic, powerful, consistent: From now on, the High-End-Subwoofer BRAX Matrix 10.1 is the synonym for boundless bass response and an absolute top-class sound experience. As the result of a long lasting development process, this audiophile masterpiece uncompromisingly unites all elements of Audiotec Fischer’s ambitious corporate philosophy. The best and finest materials and components are barely good enough for the Subwoofer BRAX Matrix 10.1. The hand-scooped cone has a great stiffness and is still amazingly light. The physical characteristics of the selected materials sisal and aluminium oxide contribute to an ideal combination of low weight and excellent mechanical qualities of the cone. The rubber surround and the highly insulating eddy-current-free voice coil – both especially designed for BRAX Matrix 10.1 – account for exceeding load with enormous flexibility. Massive strokes and bass sounds from the deepest abyss are guaranteed. Finally, all of the subwoofer’s parameters were perfectly harmonized. From the specifically designed die-cast basket to the flawless terminals – everything is simply marvellous. Below the line, the Subwoofer BRAX Matrix 10.1 excels with most precise, clear and voluminous bass rendition, both at low and extremely high sound levels. However, with the subwoofer’s puristic but technically and visually mature design Audiotec Fischer only aims at one goal: The creation of a perfect woofer – of course „made in Germany“.