This will rock your car – the new enclosure subwoofers MW 10E-D and MW 12E‑D will be the right solution for everybody who wants to let it blast. With these subs maximum punch is guaranteed. The particularly long-throw woofers with their stiff cones and high load­ handling voice-coils are designed to convert the power of the amplifier into enormous sound pressure without any compression-effects.

The parameters have been cleverly chosen to please sound-pres­sure‑fanatics as well as the sound-quality enthusiasts. Anyone who thinks that this technical balancing act requires large enclosures to generate the lowest bass tones while needing the largest driver to ensure your soul feels the beat will be pleasantly surprised how compact the dimensions of the MW 10E-D and MW 12E-D actually are.

In the MATCH philosophy, trunk-filling subwoofers are neither justified or acceptable.