High speed HDMI 1.4E interconnect with Ethernet was designed for error free HD 1080p and Ultra HD (4K) video transmission in extended lengths of up to 20 m and longer without any signal amplifier or repeater requirement. Extremely high total TMDS throughput (more than 12Gb/s) and low losses ensure a full HD 1080p signal is precisely transmitted without single pixel error or noticeable masking issues! With a rated 100 Ohm wave impedance it is based around 5 pairs of solid 0.258 mm² BRC conductors, each insulated by 3-layer CAFPE, and 7 service multi-stranded BRC conductors, insulated by solid PE. Each conductor pair is individually shielded by copper foiled PET with integral multi-stranded BRC drain wire and then all pairs are bound together by PET tape. The extremely high EMI immunity is achieved by a common double shield: inner layer is made of copper foiled PET, and the external layer is a >80% BRC braid. Jacketed by antistatic SPVC and covered by a nylon protective sleeve. The HDMI 1.4E is available in standard terminated lengths.