One-touch remote control

The CONDUCTOR combines design and functionality in perfection. With just one knob you have all important functions of your (DSPs) sound system fully under control – from volume adjustment, signal source selection and setup change up to the control of an optional Bluetooth module.

Tailor-made for your needs

The CONDUCTOR can always be optimally adapted to your needs – whether as a simple subwoofer remote or as a control unit for complex system configurations. For example, two playback zones with different volumes: music for the parents in the front and a radio play for the children in the back.

All signal sources under control

With the CONDUCTOR you can manage all your connected signal sources in no time at all. For example, use your smartphone as a digital media source and intuitively control its playback (play / pause, track forward / back) and volume in combination with the optional Bluetooth Extension Card.

Sound Setup switch according to your music taste

Manage different optimized sound setups of your DSP for rock, pop, classic or absolute pure sound and enjoy your music always with optimal sound quality.

Seamless integration
Thanks to its compact, fully symmetrical design and high-quality materials, the CONDUCTOR can be integrated almost seamlessly into the existing vehicle interior and blends in with its appearance as inconspicuously as an original part.