AAC.2 Original factory sound systems typically have a significant disadvantage – they don’t offer any preamplifier output for driving additional amplifiers. Here’s where the new HELIX AAC comes into play as it generates a perfectly conditioned preamplifier signal from a speaker output signal of an arbitrary car radio or amplifier. The new AAC is more intelligent than any other signal converter on the market today. Its “Double Activation Circuit“ creates a remote signal for controlling external amplifiers in two different manners. Either it detects the DC offset on the speaker output of typical factory radios or uses an integrated signal detection circuit with variable input sensitivity that can be activated additionally. The unique „Power Save Mode“ will automatically turn off the „remote-out“, if no input signal is present for more than 2 minutes. Keep in mind that many cars equipped with “CAN” or similar bus systems leave the car radio “invisibly” turned on for up to 45 min. even if you already have left and locked the vehicle meanwhile. Without the “Power Save Mode“ the amplifiers connected to the AAC would discharge the battery needlessly. Another exclusive HELIX feature is the new “Diagnostics Error Protection“ circuit which avoids undesired error messages in CPU of your car after the connection between car radio and OE speakers has been separated. This circuit is well designed to even circumvent the „tweeter detection” of today’s factory radios.